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The real you is a winner. Believe in yourself and see yourself taking congruent action one day at a time. No different than reading a putt and tattooing the path to the hole in your mind. Build on small victories Blu

Please try again, it worked for me

It’s a wrap #EMWS Stolen range day

NQ power house move , gravy above 81 E-widget Simplifies analysis, makes rollover simple and easy #EMWS

6:53 E could get crazy swing today, pressure is up day 3 8:07 E 2902 to 06 zone is xxx retest #EMWS september contract #’s

According to Armstrong, Fear what comes after him. We are Still a Nation of Sheep and muppets

Hi E and Admin,

Thanks for once again conducting your last class. You are more than generous with your knowledge and time. Pity others don’t see that but thankfully only a few. I’ve been associated with you for nearly ten years and if there were more people like you, the world would be a better place. I would like to take advantage of the E-widget and will, but next week I am leaving the country for travel and won’t return until early October. I am not concerned about the intro pricing whether it is available then or not. Just letting you know my intentions and wanted to say thanks. And thanks for making it available. It was great Dennis to see you analyze the market in real time with it. Looking forward to it!

– TM 9.13.18


Thank you for the kind words about E. They are much appreciated. You are the kind of trader he loves to work with.

We have checked with him and he instructed us to honor the intro price for you when you are ready. Contact us if the intro price is no longer showing.

With your permission may we use part or all of your email below? E is not one to boast so we have to do it for him.

Thanks again,

Eminiwizard Support

" Thank You T.M. "

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