Reversal Rabid Dog Day

Support Found

82.75 Support Test

After The December contract retested the September All Time High, we have been retracing as rollover affects position traders. Premarket yesterday: E “The longs won’t fill all their positions at the ATH; but it is time for shorts to be taking a shot at it.”

Market Reversed

Understanding rotations and games the Option Pros play take a lot of experience. We hop to get a few educated guesses right and take something out f the day.

7:01 E lunch high yest the 05.5 key op ex and rollover i suggested stay aware of yest 92.25 low as support

Emini wizard [7:26 AM] squeeze pivot 95.5

8:14 E convenient trade suggests try for short side, dont expect much, boyz reversed this last night at 92


Keep it Simple 2

Join us in our Step Program for 2 weeks only $69. Opportunity Knocks again.

Hot Dog on a Roll

“Last year we said, ‘Things can’t go on like this’, and they didn’t, they got worse.”

-Will Rogers

"Pay attention to Support in Uptrends"

Fighting the tape, looking for a Crash everyday  will give us a one way-ticket to the poorhouse

The line of least resistance is still up

Humble Zeek

8:15 am E boyz reversed this last night at 92
9:03 AM Zeek GM leave your emotions at the door today.
It is get shorty for at least the first rth hour today Target 2914
#EMWS Nobody does it better than Zeek

Choose your pitch

8:08 E don’t swing at every one. needs to be one we like, have a good chance of getting a single or double, and preferably a gapper that rolls to the fence while we run to second standing up :slightly_smiling_face:

Dare to Dream.

Let go of all the junk in your head and see the patterns, the plays, the relationships.

No Truer words were ever spoken:

“Trust in God and Believe in Yourself”

-Norman Vincent Peale

Automating The Professional Edge

Violation Rule

You read this far? Good for you.

Here’s a Bonus since you are obviously interested in improving your trading..

10:02:42 From Brian : understood
10:03:08 From zeek : NQ new hod
10:06:09 From Melisa : i like easy math
10:09:31 From Dennis Parmelee : rth mid is 2.25
10:11:19 From Dennis Parmelee : mid of big bar being tested
10:12:29 From Dennis Parmelee : yesterday’s mid is?
10:13:35 From Dennis Parmelee : 2901.75
10:20:53 From Dennis Parmelee : looks like squeeze is for 09 test

When 04/2905.5 broke, that told us market wanted higher.

Aggressive support became 2901.75/ 2902 on that violation.