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Re-inventing yourself?

If you want to become a better trader or investor with a portion of your discretionary funds, do we have a deal for you.

Learning Market profile is a worthwhile endeavor in my opinion.

With that said, I think The Emini-wizard system is just as good, if not better.

“What everyone knows” is not worth knowing. The edge is gone, and the system games the Purists who focus on HVN and ESPN and whatever.

Risk reward considerations often get overlooked in a purely mechanical, technical approach to the markets.

If you have seen the videos, charts, text examples we have captured in real time over the past five and one half years, you know this system is not perfect, but “reasonable enough” to give us the edge we need.

I will not be among the chest thumpers that permeate Twitter.

Continuing my study of the markets, I remain humble.

“This is the best trading room I have ever been in.” – Svet  1/ 25/ 15

“Your calls are amazing and uncanny; this is in your bones you know the market so well.” – Kim H 1/24/15

We were unequivocal in our focus of 2031.25 to  2035 as last week’s important Bull/Bear zone.

We use objective criteria, and try to catch pieces of the swings every day.

With over 23 years experience analyzing markets, and Zeek with over thirty five, we can shorten your learning curve.

Day Trading is a highly specialized art form of trading. Sophisticated approaches are needed, rather than a sloppy stop loss with “generalized knowledge”.  Would you want a GP or a Heart surgeon to perform your necessary surgery?

2018.75 resistance  with 22 intact as of late Friday. 1981.25 last known support.

Helmets on.

Ready to do battle.



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