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Scott [8:24 PM]
Wondering if 12 might work as a potential target tomorrow.

10:21 E great post Scott
7.5 low should get challenged

Scott [10:24 AM]
Thank you sir. Good teachers. Not just being polite here…NO WAY I would have got to that number before EMiniWizard. No way.

Emini wizard [10:24 AM]

JohnH [12:24 PM]
Thank you for today E and Zeek – just a privilege to have such clear commentary on a morning like todays

Brian B [12:25 PM]
same. calls great but the process is the most impressive part


These testimonials are posted not to be braggodocius but so we don’t have to toot our own horn.

Thank You Zeek

Day in, day out Zeek is our compass. He has such breadth of knowledge and shares it freely with all of us. He is a true team player , and most of his thoughts will never see the light of day on the likes of Twitter.

Join our room if you want to tap into his 35 + years of authoring the Criminal Handbook.

I am glad he is my friend and voice of reason all these years.

Day Two

We had retest -failure yesterday, and follow through to the down side.

All our targets were achieved, and Zeek really nailed the ide of testing Deep Support.  It came closer than I thought, but my high odds slice and dice target below 2900.25 was 2893.25 to 2890.75.

Even this was in unreasonable territory as far as I was concerned.

I wont say much, as if you had a good dayyou probably don’t need our ideas, and if you had a tough day fighting the falling piano you probably aren’t in the mood to think about it right now.

Stay humble, focused and flexible.


Emini wizard [9:53 AM]
first thrust may be down timing wise, but careful of slingshots today

Zeek 411 [11:36 AM]
market has liquidity problem that can accelerate move to the downside
2883.5 is my last target for today

Mike [11:37 AM]
that would deserve a big whooop
i have a similar at 86.75

Posts Shared on Twitter

3:02 E look for the 05 to ten zone as key now 3:18 E 1 hr to go be conservative short and if long assume running into headwinds all the way up to the 13.25 high that goes, anything can happen not likely to, but probably in play for tomorrow #EMWS 3:25 E paid if short by 97

3:25 E 95.25 squeeze pivot paid for sure if short by 97 #EMWS time for a swim

1:37 E pay attention to (xxx timing) today trailers are hailers below 92
sometimes we get PPT just jam back a ten + bar to catch late shorts #EMWS “Know thy opponent”. cautioned shorts about being too agg here, Boyz squeezing late shorts

Time and Price in agreement is an important part of the Art of Trading #EMWS low is likely in for today

11:59 E since no sign of strong bounce yet, game is to try to keep trailer.
stop out try one more time #EMWS

10:53 E we never know how far market will go once plunging 11:36 Zeek 2883.5 is my last target for today 1:41 E 2905 resistance for rest of day #EMWS we are fortunate to have Zeek, a Ph.D in trading on our team . risk and reward time

12:55 E nq seeking 73.75 support test 1:14 E 90.63 is mm support target #EMWS

12:15 any low possible so dont guess low 12:17 using wt 2 93.25 as support #EMWS

Emini wizard [11:39 AM] 4.75 hit guys.. trailers for 02 maybe love this second thrust #EMWS any day low possible, lunch time for wimps

11:29 E primary trade we may get one more thrust down #EMWS target 2905 achieved good fortune below. probably leave some chips on the table today, need trailers or re entries 10:34 E any second lows be careful of overstaying 2900.25 is t4 and 2903.5 t3

MATD traders advised to cover into 2910, trailers for 7.5 low retest and 2900/05 support for profit taking bounce #EMWS

7:38 E 16/17 agg support #EMWS convenient traders long advised paid something by open/25

Trading is a great business if you love it. We only need to work half a day…and it doesn’t matter which 12 hours it is. #EMWS

Weds 10:14 PM Scott E I was just thinking about my post above RE possible 12 ES target tomorrow. 11:15 PM E we can already see …11.5 as potential #EMWS

Longs Turn

3:02 Scott As I’m learning from E & Z the key levels to watch, also learning how to use them to feather in and out of ST positions. So much more clear-eyed and in control than I previously felt when day trading. Difference is night and day.

3:02 thanku. look for the 05 to ten zone as key now
3:03 Mike thats the key

3:03 E they will try to bust 05 then 13.25 is key. first 05 to 08 if long really should make sure paid this is squeeze type ppt 12:15 E we will get snap back some place

3:17 E when we get the strong push then we have a reversal in progress to re capture lost territory

now the hunter has become the hunted and need a bit of luck in the pipe
if had good day can just relax
remember goal is to get our vig everyday and a day like today we can get a week’s worth
so 1 hr to go be conservative short

and if long assume running into headwinds all the way up to the 13.25 high

that goes, anything can happen.not likely to, but probably in play for tomorrow

3:25 E 95.25 squeeze pivot paid if short by 97, may not even get back there

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