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Slingshot Trade

Live Trading November 12 through November 30

Join E in his Live Trading Room November 12 through the 30th from 9:15 to 11:15.

The focus is on finding low-risk, high odds trade ideas

for the E-mini S and P.


Yesterday’s Post: Quiet Confidence #EMWS

3:19 E 10 rth the player, clear 3:23 E there is no such thing as too much information; it’s how well organized are we to access that info and make accurate decisions swiftly that matters #EMWS

2:48 E long side squeeze but timing should go back to shorts, retest 16 so paid by 12/16 advised #EMWS 3:02 E 12 is good

2:31 E 1:33 E rain on 30 globex is resistance at 34.75 xx is 33.25 2:32 E
T 2 at 2734.25 achieved, so primary target is hit and the big 2738 now the player 7:22 E that 38 xx is a key #EMWS Now that’s a pinball trade

we wanted to see yesterday’s 23.5 bounce high taken out and 25/26 as next resistance target #EMWS stops up if long

Advised longs paid by 18 and gravy above #EMWS

His post got 92 likes and 13 retweets. Mine may get 1 like. That’s why so many traders probably lose in this business, they listen to feel good platitudes but fail to use common sense #EMWS

“Money is not made by trading, it’s made by being patient and waiting for the trade.” that was a post I noticed this morning from a guru. Nonsense. Waiting is losing. “IB odds first rotation long. If you think short the gap, then buy for the half gap and gap, then flip” #EMWS

12:34 E pattern is still lower highs and lower lows. Hit bounces, don’t be stubborn

Analysis for charts should be consistent: it doesn’t matter how small or large the range, we believe patterns are fractals #EMWS empirical evidence doesn’t need back testing, just common sense.

Need to get by the 10.5 to 12.5 for more upside. remember goal is to catch pieces of the swings throughout the day #EMWS Kudos Pinball wizard Zeek

3:19 E i think longs need profit taking if not i am wrong #EMWS close out short trailers 06 to 98 advised . Educated guessing

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Angels and Demons

Sure Plays a Mean Pinball

It wasn’t just about flashing lights and pinball machines blowing up and things like that.

It was about using encores, bringing back the good songs

and using techniques that I knew about from rock performance.

-Pete Townshend

The Who


Here’s a Who.

Yes I know I misspelled “hears”.

If the concept eludes you, run to the basement.

Take a look at your tools.

Are they neatly aligned on your pegboard?

If so, better forget becoming a trader.

It’s messy.

So hears the Who:

Who would give up 20 points to make 10 more?

A good day trader frames the inside rotations;

We aren’t just patiently waiting for the perfect trade to come along.

It doesn’t exist.

Waiting to enter is losing.


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Angels and Demons

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