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Make an Educated Guess for the Range Trade

Try to grab something as the market moves

Focus on the Positives 

Enjoy Life

l’shanah tovah

Range day expected with Rosh Hashana. If you played the regression trade after the initial attempt to bump stops, you probably had a good enough day to walk away by the end of IB.

Our Primary support held, and we suggested think small bites if you wanted to play.



My oldest  grandchild turned 12 last Friday. We went to his basketball game on Sunday, then had a party after it was over.

He is going to play football for his school team this year as a conditioner for basketball season.

Unfortunately he missed his game because he wasn’t notified and his team was leaving when he arrived. A team in the next game asked if he wanted to stay and play for them.

Absolutely, and he played up against the 8th graders a few years older than him.

He didn’t get much playing time  but had fun. He ran down court for a fast break, and the ball was tossed to him, but the passer was called for traveling.

I turned to his mom and dad and said:

“George looks great. He is smart, and always looking for opportunty. He is at least 6 inches shorter than most of these players, but he is fast and can outrun most of them.”

“It doesn’t matter if they are two feet taller if he gets out in front of them and beats them to the hoop for his layup.”

“Just encourage him to keep trying to improve.”

Within 5 minutes, with about a minute to go, same play. Different result: A layup and George helps his team win.

I of course, am beaming.

Proud of all we are accomplishing together 12 years later.

Grandparents have a second chance to get it right. I hope I am.

Step by Step

We started a new program today (Simple Trading Emini Program) and had a nice mixture of men and women from around the world.

Technology is amazing.

I suspect some traders in this program earned two points already and now have a free trade for the rest of the sessions. No guarantee of course, but the convenient trade south was a winner.

The Desk

George got a new gaming desk for his birthday.

Somehow it’s not quite fair that I had nothing to do with it but was asked by George and his mom to “help him put it together”.

We got 90% of it done by 9:30 PM and that was a long day.

I could have done it faster myself, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have George learn about allen wrenches and the process. His dad had put  a few bolts in some of the parts but one set was in the wrong side. We figured it out, removed them and put them on the other side.


“George, sometimes we need to take a step back before we can move on.”

I got home after 10, exhausted, took a shower, and did my best to prepare for another day at the office.

Doing what I love to do, trying to help others learn from my experience.

My Belief System

Everything in Life serves me.

We do the best we can with the opportunity we’ve got.

That was my message to George. Use his considerable assets and exploit them to his advantage.

To traders, I say the same thing. Don’t complain about the missed range overnight;  Dont fret over missed trades and bumbled entries or exits. Focus on the next opportunity.

P.S. My wife and I got George a new football and some receiver gloves.