#EMWS the primary magnet is 2098.5 if playing MATD trade short $ES_F

The bounce to the 2107.75 prior support capped resistance on first test with the EOD profit taking swing $ES_F

Today’s #EMWS angel was 2095.5, now being tested. Reminder big zone level at 2094.25 $ES_F Hang in there Cubs

@treysdubya @BillMurray lol loved his take me out … to game 7. nice drama

Step by Step good night all $ES_F

#EMWS Need to think consolidation / retrace after big day like yesterday $ES_F

@HamzeiAnalytics @Capt_Tiko @GarverLake @StocksNJocks Remind him to stay humble, you are only as good as your last bark

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS the primary magnet is 2098.5 if playing MATD trade short $ES_F

@HRobH Morning After Trend Day, idea created by @millerdon . I view it as Overnight sessions, the following morning premarket and RTH

#EMWS 456 traders looking at 6.75 to 8.25 initial resistance $ES_F

#EMWS Payday at 98.5 magnet if short, good fortune below $ES_F

#EMWS overnight Angel test is 2096.25, stops down if short $ES_F

#EMWS reducing expectations either direction has been key this morning $ES_F

RT @smbcapital: Why this special trader failed to hit his stride with us / nice video on niches & the power of focus

RT @krazytoo: $ES_F premarket trade plan for Nov 2, 2016 #ES_F #EMWs sorry its late and long, …yest move and FED

@MrTopStep yesterday was a 38.5 point day, and I believe it used up some of today’s territory. We need consolidation, waiting for FOMC

yesterday’s #EMWS Angel test 2194.5 Trailers for 88 test $ES_F

If short #EMWS PFS by the double/ flatten before news $ES_F

RT @e : yesterday’s #EMWS Angel test 2194.5 Trailers for 88 test $ES_F / below 88 is good fortune $ES_F WT3 is 85

#EMWS use 2091 low as a benchmark now , SOC 2096 $ES_F News trading is not for everyone, sidelines is ok

@BamaTrader nice work I must admit, even for one of Nick Saban’s boyz

#EMWS ID 456 longs target is 99.5. so the 02/04 zone key defense now for shorts above that , and 92 aggressive support above Big 85 $ES_F

Don’t make this about ego; controlling emotions and discipline is part of the game $ES_F

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8/16 RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS will monitor this Big 2187.5 Pivot level being undermined in the future as a signal for retracement action $ES_F

Day traders need to be aware of swing and position trader’s agenda #EMWS Angel test is 2094.25$ES_F

@LeeMarie222 I can understand how u might feel that way, and thanks for sharing your opinion

#EMWS 10 RTH $ES_F Trend traders short accumulate in hit and run, dont be stubborn

@MrTopStep agree. I guessed battle would be 98 +/- 10 handles working off of yesterday’s late high of 2108; I think contract high 2185

RT @MrTopStep: DBOY going LIVE for the FINAL 45

Step by Step Big Frame #EMWS style $ES_F save some powder, spread out risk. DFD play well

Thank You

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