5 RTH classic umbrella pattern


Crude Oil Hidden Order

Partners in Crime

no idea why Clinton haters are so upset ow.ly/IDqf305IHCg she stood up for her man he stood up for Monica! Great role models for women

RT @RenaTrader: New Challenge (#10) starts today, account from US$ 10k to 20k in 3 stages trading ES. Join us! diamondsetups.com

cat hasn’t bounced very far. #EMWS hit a bounce or two and accumulate singles and doubles. BOM , fading long side pushes $ES_F same as yest

In corrective markets, the #EMWS half gap and gap trade are the simplest of ideas #kiss $ES_F

@TraderMD enjoy it Doc, good for u

RT @e … #EMWS Primary magnet 2120.75 get on the scoreboard $ES_F

#EMWS Trailers for 18 test if short $ES_F

hit and run today , dont worry be happy $ES_F dimes taking profits in sequence trade

#EMWS Payday if short 18.5 to 16.75 , juice below ow.ly/H55q305JLoD $ES_F

differential trade: Yesterday range imbalance significantly more to upside during RTH relative to globex range. Short today equalizes $ES_F

Bingo and Thank the Generals for re-auctioning this territory $ES_F s1 2115.5 hit

#EMWS Find one good trade a day ow.ly/ym5U305JNN2 $ES_F 60 Globex

#EMWS 2112.5 is T2 today for any continuation trades, trailers for the gold $ES_F risk and reward needs to be considered now

RT @e : #EMWS Playing inside day first ow.ly/ztPZ305H8Y5 32 aggressive resistance ahead of 36.75 $ES_F 12 support ahead of 2107.75

Armstrong on the hidden order in crude ow.ly/7JQm305JVrM Clintons are PIC ow.ly/S8wv305JVzK

back later , keep profits if any $ES_F

lunch coming, T2 Primary target 12.5 achieved $ES_F Need trailers or re entries for more ow.ly/npQO305K6YV #EMWS umbrella trade

RT @e : #EMWS 32 aggressive resistance ahead of 36.75 $ES_F 12 support ahead of 2107.75 /under 2112 so 2107.75 next key

#EMWS 60 Globex ow.ly/Qe4C305K9gL S2 today at 2107.5 $ES_F old school, just #kiss 2 x IB is 2105.5 PFS if swing trader short

@HamzeiAnalytics Great short bias Fari #FF a real pro with good instincts $ES_F

Trump and Pence knocked it out of the park in PA

@ES_F__NQ_F taking life one day at a time, step by step Hope all is well with u

With profits willing to risk, #EMWS longs can try 99/2102 support for bounce $ES_F

@ES_F__NQ_F @HamzeiAnalytics i Have 2094.25 as next big marker for support test, posted previously $ES_F

#EMWS 2102.25 target is a measured move, ahead of 2098.75/ 2099 $ES_F likely DFD here. accept stop outs, stay humble

#EMWS position traders will take note of the 100 point swoon off this year’s high $ES_F #kiss

#EMWS 60 Globex umbrella trade ow.ly/sLOf305KK4H 5 RTH ow.ly/NJKm305KKx2 $ES_F

Thank You

@traderoffortune @starknightz @Pittstock1 @ES_F__NQ_F @phoksd @WatermanLXXIII @Privateer_7100 @tampasanj @StevenTaggart @HomerFarrier @clayidus @HamzeiAnalytics @Jediphone thanks to all