New DT4$2 course

started today, and we are really pleased to have several women in the course.

Text, many charts, audio play by play and videos are posted privately for these traders.

Not too late to get our views live via our war room.

Contact if interested


RT @RectorRe: Have. Great weekend, E. God bless you and yours. / God Bless us all

#EMWS $ES_F The next DT4$ course. Begins today, Tuesday September 5th

thank you

#EMWS Open gap at 2456 closed $ES_F 72/74 remains as resistance

#EMWS has suggested 2443 to 2440.5 as next support zone, paid for sure ahead of it $ES_F 2462 as primary resistance

Thanks Doug. Risk reward we were thinking needed bounce

#EMWS using your idea as support target for buyers and make sure paid by 52.75 $ES_F

#EMWS next resistance then 56.5 $ES_F we think low is in for day

#EMWS V bounces always tough when the market finds support $ES_F be conservative now and protect profits if any. advised longs pfs 56/58

$ES_F rt 2462 as primary resistance $ES_F

#EMWS $ES_F lunch low then higher highs and lows rest of day for retests

Thank You

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