@Jediphone thanks Jedi. Chickens eventually come home to roost. $ES_F retest 72

RT @eminiwizard: 72 been tough all day to get by 10:53 E 64.5 needs testing and i will be disappointed if we dont get that test by eod $ES_F

“I see, said the Blind man, when he really couldn’t see at all.” Sorry Mom and Pop. $ES_F

@pipsnticks we played it 2 way day with highest odds for inside day since end of month. Agg support 62, 85/88 resistance. $ES_F

focus was on 82.5 middle; 67.25 friday low, 64.5 test, 1970. assumed 59 low in already. late longs fri trapped $ES_F i expected 1970 close

my plan was hit bounces as inside day scalps; outlier was eod could test the 59/62 again as mirror to fridays close $ES_F seemed protected

@pipsnticks a &d with pattern ow.ly/RBJ0F 64 ish prop indicator was magnet ow.ly/RBJFd lower lo, lower hi $ES_F

settle is 1969.25 $ES_F #kiss and common sense, not PHD in quantum physics #EMWS 8:24 E they seem to have made 72 a natural pivot area

8:57 E because rain at 59.5 possible low or near low in for day. range could be in for day too 11:59 E 82/88 top of the food chain right now

The emperor has no clothes. Try as you will, you wont beat the Eminiwizard system $ES_F 8:09 am Emini Wizard 44.25 low is the key #EMWS

The Boyz have played this perfectly ow.ly/RBZJq $ES_F ow.ly/RC02P

15:32 Zeek I am thinking liquidation eod today so far not happening 15:32 E mirror not yet. started 345 friday ow.ly/RC2cV $ES_F

09:32 E bear flag means bouncing hope it rolls over without breaking high. $ES_F Sorry “Mom and Pop”, 38 gap closed ow.ly/RC3kR

Study the market technicals for an education in algo “rhythm” ow.ly/RC3u9 $ES_F hit resistance in downtrend

Anticipation is part of this game. ow.ly/RC8kN Eminiwizard system found 1930 earlier today as a logical target $ES_F

@simondiamondzzz @Jediphone @pipsnticks @StockSurfer10 @onefourdroopy @sewerpimp @JohnConaway @damonsharkey @Bozo_7100 @ZjedzmiNohy thank u

@DallasTexxxas @HamzeiAnalytics @KymLang @dpinterx @6Epro @derekhernquist @8ticks @FuturesTrader71 @HCPG @clayidus @PatSantucci1 thanks all

@Jediphone thanks Jedi , back to school time… lets do our abcd’s. #EMWS $ES_F

Jediphone: @eminiwizard Keep up the good work, E. The market seas look a little rough tonight.