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Conflict of Interest


@MrTopStep what an emotional roller coaster

@AnthonyCrudele I thought Hendricks was pulled prematurely. Small strike zone too. Ain’t over until the fat lady sings

@David_Stendahl one of the best I can remember… But I have early onset dementia

God bless America, we need more games like this, more Apple pie. Kudos both teams for a great series

@MissTrade lets do it ,

@airvipmrohde you got that right Mike. Good night all, past my bed time

Alright Soldier up and attem, time to rise and shine u sissies, we’ve got work to do

@TheFibDoctor lol

RT @eminiwizard: … Trailers for 88 test #EMWS / below 88 is good fortune $ES_F WT3 is 85 // so 02 back in play, as is 2107 step by step (02 still resistance)

#EMWS traders are taught that we can get some powerful moves off 85 zone $ES_F being conservative short side today, bounce likely

possible temporary big picture ending diagonal #EMWS 91/ 92 agg pivot 15globex $ES_F

#EMWS Aggressive shorts Paid by 92.5 to 93.25 $ES_F

Armstrong on market reality and the election conflicts of interest $ES_F

#EMWS Premise was the 60 Globex shorts would try for gap $ES_F being conservative today short side

Primary Trade is likely done and we have had tight range all morning #EMWS remaining conservative, 92 pivotal $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele I am honored, thank you for the opportunity to chat with you on #FuturesRadio

#EMWS 456 ID ends at 89.5 , very surprised at lack of second thrust by longs. Yesterday’s 87.5 low key idea now $ES_F

#EMWS 60 chart right as posted earlier too conservative this morning wrong about bounce $ES_F resistance still 2102

self delusion is counter-productive #EMWS admit when our analysis is incorrect and go with the flow $ES_F 2086 overnight Angel tested

#EMWS 10 Globex supported the 60 Globex idea to fade bounce for retesting 92 $ES_F 94.25 zone still important

@WatermanLXXIII over the years I have seen the Boyz support the 82/85 zone if they want higher $ES_F it’s a tell if they dont

@WatermanLXXIII LML was 2107.75 @AnthonyCrudele and myself found that location important $ES_F It still is $ES_F

@spz_trader thank you Pauly

@DigStic @hap317 @BidnAsk thank you very much, appreciate your mention

thanks to all, DFD. “Be a lover of the market, not a fighter” – Ernie Roseman

EOD big picture #EMWS $ES_F

@MissTrade will do, just when u are lining up your two footer on the green. Pronghorn Looks awesome

@aliparmelee Thank you Ali. This talented young lady helps people build websites/branding/podcasts/copy if you know anyone who needs help

RT @BreakingOutBad: I learned this concept from Awais – game-changer for me risk management and trading. This is key How to determine a good entry price: Stop -> Target -> Entry. Start with the Stop and Target, then see what entry meets your R/R criteria $$


@MissTrade @aliparmelee @WatermanLXXIII @BidnAsk @AnthonyCrudele @DigStic @hap317 @spz_trader @TheFibDoctor @airvipmrohde @DowdEdward @RectorRe @eminiplayer @PatrickGrattan @Jediphone @jdextras @StevenTaggart @tradermark011 @rock_man11 @Jersey_Drew @Serious_Trader @bwjnpsl @ciscohitt @TexTrader @onefourdroopy @TRADERWALKER @11cjh11 @tinybrow76 @David_Stendahl @Bruno48127 @danielskalak thanks to all and any I missed.


From BidnAsk
@eminiwizard @AnthonyCrudele awesome

From Hap317
@DigStic @AnthonyCrudele @eminiwizard Without digital peers, pros & teachers, this is what it feels like.

From @DigStic

@AnthonyCrudele @eminiwizard The generosity of the trading community is a bright spot in an otherwise isolating profession.

Reminding myself to stay humble

E: Don’t make this about ego; controlling emotions and discipline is part of the game $ES_F

From LeeMarie222

@eminiwizard Dou you suck? Nothing around here is about ego. Yet, what if it was? I enjoy those who love themselves!

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