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#EMWS Next Day Trading For Dollars Course begins September 5 $ES_F Learn how to trade Step by Step

#EMWS now using 72/68 as resistance as per yesterday’s discussion $ES_F 52 support intact, stops up if long for end of month markup

“Be a lover of the market, not a fighter” -Ernie Roseman

#EMWS The Alligator is the Picture of Power $ES_F

Armstrong on Credit Default Swap contagion

#EMWS Current Demon 63 $ES_F day 3 of bounce

#EMWS out of office this morning pay attention $ES_F 56.25 magnet supportive until broken

back in the office and hope my analysis helped #EMWS traders $ES_F protect profits if any

Step by step #EMWS

E: 9:14 wt 2 is 74.25 #EMWS all targets have been hit long side for today $ES_F

PT 8:13 AM Average daily range running around 17 pts. Based of the overnight low that would target around 72 on the upside $ES_F teamwork

Thank You

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