#EMWS 85 was last identified support 92 dynamite triangle important ahead of 88 $ES_F

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#EMWS Tunnel through time $ES_F

#EMWS squeeze from 85 intact 92 triangle retested $ES_F

#EMWS Some backing and filling today would be constructive. get to gap and trail only above for test of Friday’s high $ES_

#EMWS If short paid for sure by 91.75, trail only below $ES_F testing dynamite triangle

RT @AnthonyCrudele {NEW} #FuturesRadio Podcast with Lanre Sarumi EP: 125 Managing Risk is More Than Just Numbers 📊

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RT @krazytoo $ES_F $GC_F Premarket Video with analysis and trade plan setup… #ES_F #GC_F #EMWS

RT TRADEnPERFORM Todays $ES_F $SPY S/R Zones w 5 min bars. Posted to members yesterday. Trade location + Plan = Edge $STUDY #es

#EMWS Rejected, back and fill pattern retracing Friday’s last hour miracle move $ES_F ww Charlie head fake

RT @AnneMarieTrades $SPY $ES_F $CL_F $YM_F $NQ_F…

RT @AnthonyCrudele #ES_F 1st hr close today below 2396 would indicate test of 2389.50; 1st hr close above 2396 we grind up…

#EMWS Study posts by smart pros like @AnthonyCrudele and see if our system ideas can locate similar trade logic #FF nice call Deli

“skill is hitting it close to the hole; luck is when it falls in.” thanks HFT

RT @Hedgeye Having a bad day? In 1976 Ron Wayne sold his 10% stake in $AAPL for $800. It’s worth over $81 billion today. Get over it.

#EMWS low and hi may already be in for the day. soft back and fill, keeping 88 support for now $ES_F

#EMWS zone to zone $ES_F

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