88.75 we had as yesterday’s resistance got beat, so #EMWS will try 82 as aggressive support, 92.5 to 93.75 aggressive resistance $ES_F

Reposting yesterday’s #EMWS algo predictive chart $ES_F still important

Using the recency bias logic, measuring a two year old we can conclude they would eventually be ten feet tall imho step by step

#EMWS cover trailers into 83.75 magnet $ES_F hit and run

#EMWS gap and below is good fortune $ES_F half gappers great trade reposting same predictive chart

#EMWS Find one good trade a day. If shorted double top, now respect profits and be choosy $ES_F accept gifts from the generals

NQ in synch with $ES_F, nice clue

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS make a note of SOC at 2380.5 for relative bias $ES_F / reminder SOC test important now

thank you; I remember being thrown out a lot trying to stretch a double into a triple 🙂

EMWS Primary trade is done, something for both sides this morning $ES_F predictive chart useful

yesterday’s SOC retesting 2380.5 #EMWS below good fortune $ES_F

Next sequence target is 79.25 by #EMWS trade logic $ES_F 76.5 t1 today

$ES_F got 83? bingo for longs and more is good fortune #EMWS algo mania range trading

#EMWS 60 Globex the trouble maker for shorts plunging $ES_F keep it simple

#EMWS Bounces are contras today until HOD goes $ES_F thinking small and protect profits

Impromptu webinar / mkt update starting now. (free open house – no password required) Join.Me/BamaTrader Ok to RT $ES_F $SPY $CL_F

#EMWS yesterday FOMC and little volatility today schizophrenic 88.75 resistance for now, 78 support $ES_F time for a short swim 85 pivot

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we cant do it all unless we have skills like super wiz @AnthonyCrudele

#EMWS this last swing suggests the SOC has been made the short term pivot $ES_F

Armstrong has been a good source of info on this topic

Thank You

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