#EMWS Using 2422.5 as next resistance target on any new highs $ES_F scalps short are against trend , PFS by 13.5 to 12.5

#EMWS PFS on trailers at gap fill $ES_F be happy don’t worry

#EMWS Using 8.5 as important support for now $ES_F

I have 2402.5 to 2098 as important below the 2404.5 retest, then 95 on breaks

#EMWS this is EOM and thinking it is monthly profit taking $ES_F

#EMWS Target 2303.25 is T2 and below is gravy $ES_F

#EMWS When Primary target hit, make sure risk reward considered and capture for sure $ES_F can always re enter

yes (Typo 2403.25)

I like visual targets can see on a chart to support the math

#EMWS anyone long PFS by the 2408 retest $ES_F find the rhythm

#EMWS What’s today’s current pattern ? $ES_F keep it simple. Day trading for Dollars coming soon

#EMWS Step by step my friend, good luck . Watching the 2404.5 as a natural pivot $ES_F

#EMWS Predictive chart $ES_F the roadmap to riches

#EMWS if took re entry short PFS by 2404.5 (third retest of breakout) $ES_F

(MissTrade) you profilers even turn your desk sideways?

#EMWS Reminder gap at 2401.5 is another target and perhaps today’s support $ES_F

#EMWS I see it as smart Longs taking some profits and retesting the 2404.5 breakout $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: 21 gun salute for VIX #EMWS video update $ES_F very quiet for EOM/ discussed coming 2404.5 retest

#EMWS If long PFS by 2411.5 $ES_F Carrot trade

#EMWS Beginning of month bias the Boyz love to shake out the weak hands $ES_F

Thank You

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