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#ES_F Signals – finally a decent rotation worth trading! Have a great wknd to all. @eminiwizard @eminiplayer @AnthonyCrudele @BreakingOutBad

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#EMWS Just reviewing Friday’s moonshot $ES_F keying off rain line

#EMWS 30 Globex support chart using 92.5 aggressive resistance, 75.25 aggressive support $ES_F

If we wait for all the lights in our system to be green we will miss a lot of trades. Algos have no emotion. MATD traders paid by 92.5 $ES_F

#EMWS had 93.75 to 95.5 targets, being conservative with paid by 2392.5 target $ES_F

#EMWS Gap chart for reference $ES_F Panama Canal Trade

thank u. missed Friday , traveling day . It just looked like squeeze targets were for 92/95 and then good fortune for that 97.75 gap

Thank You

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