RT @HamzeiAnalytics After the break, @HamzeiAnalytics joins us to try and make sense of these wacky markets

#EMWS Pressure has been applied to the 88 support zone, not much bounce $ES_F 2 way day hit and run

#EMWS yesterday’s IB low 96 was never broken, 97.75 aggressive resistance. Trying 85 to 82.75 as aggressive support $ES_F

#EMWS 15 RTH chart in play $ES_F

rain as assumed support

#EMWS 88.75 yesterday’s low, 89.25 today’s Angel first support $ES_F

#EMWS small overnight range says keep expectations limited $ES_F

#EMWS This was the setup at the open for 10 rth i wanted the 15 rth to show next level support time and price $ES_F
#EMWS NQ nice defense and clue for market today
#EMWS curb your enthusiasm $ES_F small shake and bake day
lol too much information

#EMWS Today’s guide $ES_F keep it simple

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