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#EMWS 64.5 still the resistance target, 48 to 51.5 first support $ES_F all about risk and reward

#EMWS Primary Magnet for today is currently 2353 $ES_F

@assetlinecomm @jedimarkus77 @growthorvalue thanks to all of you

#EMWS 57 gap players get on the scoreboard pre market $ES_F thinking small

#EMWS play inside day until proven otherwise and don’t over trade $ES_F yesterday’s high as aggressive resistance early

#EMWS Paid for sure by 2359.75 if long $ES_F

#EMWS 10 minute Globex a winner trailers above yesterday’s high for 62 to 64.5 Don’t squander quick profits $ES_F

#EMWS When the Boyz have an agenda, join them is all I can say $ES_F

@MargaritoHuerta Many ways to play this game my friend, keep eye on yesterday’s high. I think we hit 64.5 today, risk reward the problem

@abydnave for now, but they still need to get past 68.75, and I think after window dressing need a retest lower $ES_F

#EMWS Heading to a SOX party at Jet Blue today, T2 is 71.75 and today’s expected resistance $ES_F manage trailers

RT @eminiwizard: @LewBowman Haven’t done a #EMWS video in awhile, shared a few ideas here $ES_F retest 65

#EMWS T1 today is 2367.25 so that is next resistance target $ES_F

#EMWS Lock profits if got the long by 67 $ES_F 58 pivot now aggressive support

Shout out to @HamzeiAnalytics for taking @tuccinomics @eminiwizard and I to the @RedSox game today…Thanks Fari!

@AnthonyCrudele @HamzeiAnalytics @tuccinomics @RedSox Too bad Fari left the Hot dog @Capt_Tiko at home to make the calls, Thanks Fari

Better act fast if you want to follow @Capt_Tiko , only a few slots remaining. Watch the ears, I think he signals up and down with them

@HF_Trader best to let @HamzeiAnalytics define @Capt_Tiko and his uncanny ability to make market calls…

@HF_Trader done

@HF_Trader Its still the wild west. There are many good traders who post ideas, takes a bit of time to sort out a few reliable players