@HamzeiAnalytics Kudos General. Outstanding webinar you and your team ran today. Something for traders of all skill levels. Bravo!

Armstrong is right about Nation building gone wrong

RT: 3/29/2017 Morning Fibs and Calendar $ES_F $NQ_F $YM_F…

#EMWS gather small seeds pre market that can be planted for bigger opportunities during RTH $ES_F

#EMWS reminder from yesterday : 49.75 first support $ES_F Shorts need to crack that for any hope of a pullback $ES_F

Need some consolidation / backing and filing today, thinking small and 2 way day $ES_F

#EMWS 52 as bull/ bear bias line $ES_F

#EMWS If bought 49.75 Paid by 54 / 55.25 $ES_F

#EMWS playing inside day for now with that 58/ 59.5 zone $ES_F shorts couldn’t get it done, 52 bias in control for continuation

#EMWS Target 64.5 today or tomorrow for swing longs $ES_F

#EMWS risk and reward may be today’s challenge $ES_F still thinking small

@LewBowman big pivot right now at 58, Yesterday’s middle 47 is presumed support until broken, so I thought consolidate think small $ES_F

@LewBowman that’s why risk reward is a problem today after two big thrust days. Longs MUST defend 2345 for better odds. Step by step

@LewBowman right, cant fall in love with either side today at this level $ES_F buy zone was right, 1 good trade a day idea is ok

@LewBowman let me add that @AnthonyCrudele is one of the smartest traders I know, so I do respect his opinion $ES_F

Paid for sure by 52 bias line if short $ES_F

@HF_Trader thank you, 52 is my normal magnet for today $ES_F

@LewBowman Haven’t done a #EMWS video in awhile, shared a few ideas here $ES_F

#EMWS Day Trader squeeze longss make sure Paid by 2359.5 $ES_F time and price say good fortune above