#EMWS 47.25 / 48.5 next resistance behind 2343.75 $ES_F Big Boyz made this reversal look easy. Night all

@MatthewAsh10 thank you Mathew

#EMWS using the 30 minute globex and 15 min RTH this morning $ES_F thinking small pre market

First clue may be the 37.5 zone where market flipped yesterday $ES_F

#EMWS primary magnet 34.75, plan accordingly $ES_F

#EMWS Good fortune below 32 / 31.25 if short $ES_F still thinking small in opening rotation

#EMWS Using same as last night 2343.75 to 48.5 as next resistance zone $ES_F

When a big level is hit like yesterday, usually #EMWS expects a follow through next day / odds/ risk reward $ES_F

@CapitalEdgeNY yes it was a big Pivot $ES_F

48 to 49.5 showed up as possible #next targets / that’s why 2348.75 Resistance target $ES_F

@CapitalEdgeNY not necessarily, could just consolidate. When it breaks high and stops are run, then expect that next zone to be tested

End of month/ quarter window dressing may be in play for the #EMWS 2360 target too, need to see 2331.25 intact for that $ES_F step by step

@SusanCTShore lol Susan #EMWS 15 RTH chart I thought was in play $ES_F

#EMWS T2 51.75 today paid for sure if long $ES_F

@Capt_Tiko just published: “I am looking for 2359 to 2363 per #ES_F OTF Chart…..” only 60 Follower Slots left on Capt Tiko…. act now

#EMWS Using 59.5 for resistance this afternoon $ES_F Boyz trying to bump 55 sellers stops out

#EMWS I think already good fortune today for longs above 52 $ES_F

#EMWS get paid in nosebleed territory 2360 if long, go play $ES_F

“When you walk off the field, no one should know whether you won or lost”. -Pop #EMWS stay humble 49.75 first support

RT: @Cubby_Blu: @eminiwizard “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same” From poem IF by Rudyard Kipling

Thank You

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