15 globex #EMWS Demon at 45.75 consolidation Day $ES_F giddy longs should think small

#EMWS PFS by 2337.5 if short $ES_F

#EMWS wac a mole traders keep eye on 2338 $ES_F

Boyz put aggressive shorts on notice they will punch back $ES_F think hit and run

#EMWS magnet is 39.75 paid for sure if long $ES_F trailers for 42+

@mooremtmoore this was RTH MATD trade, a continuation of yesterday’s trend wont always work, reasonable trade when gap players took profits

#EMWS cover / trail only past 33.5 if short $ES_F

#EMWS When Longs want profits aggressive shorts give it a try $ES_F sequence trading

It was an honor to speak with you! @giancarloCFTC Thank you for taking the time to speak with me on #FuturesRadio Chris Giancarlo @giancarloCFTC .@AnthonyCrudele great doing #futuresradio with you last week, Anthony

@TheFibDoctor just wait until he jacks the Hearse…

#EMWS Expecting first barrier may be 43.75 to 48.75 $ES_F next support at 31.75 has held for now

@mooremtmoore morning after trend day. Is the wind still blowing south? (Clue watch 2338) yesterday’s excess may have stolen some range

#EMWS MATD traders think small $ES_F you can always re enter $ES_F traders who missed yesterday are most at risk today

@Tradn500 good night, stay out of trouble Migue

#EMWS Step by step $ES_F 2331.75 next key good night all

Thank You

@mooremtmoore @TheFibDoctor @Tradn500 @clayidus @genell @ffrias2 @RectorRe @shemesht @DaveL452 @TheFibDoctor @BEFREEinFL @FT77 thanks to all, much appreciated