#EMWS High level base building continues despite complacency and News events. Symmetry trades are evidence of the invisible hand $ES_F

RT @PivotBoss Happy Friday, traders! Here’s my pre-mkt vid:… #pivotboss $ES_F $6B_F $CL_F #crude #pound #TOS

#EMWS suggests caution today after the overnight reversal. Hit and run , careful of turtle traps $ES_F

$ES_F $GC_F Premarket video watch this one as I talk about a very high prob trade that set up last night #ES_F #EMWS

#EMWS June Contract still has resistance targets 2442 to 2445; adjust differential for Sept $ES_F

#EMWS Manage any trailers if long into 42/45 zone risk reward comes in now $ES_F

#EMWS T1 today is 2444.5 make sure stops up / paid if long $ES_F trail only for more

#EMWS now using 2449 to 2452.75 as Resistance targets june contract $ES_F all stops up to 2438+ if long

#EMWS With profits willing to risk from long side can try small shorts using resistance zone $ES_F

#EMWS predictive chart If had good morning go play. keep chips

Agreed, I have Big targets 2449 to 2452.75 so risk reward comes in. Larger time frame has even higher targets, but using step by step

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / thanks Renato and #FF back at all of you. great weekend to you

#EMWS 39.75 june retest $ES_F

#EMWS 39.75 june retest $ES_F

#EMWS take it and run if you got the dime off the top on trailers $ES_F half gap 34.75 june

#EMWS if you played both ways well today, congrats, you are a trader $ES_F

#EMWS watch the 39.75 previous high june for clues $ES_F late longs trapped

#EMWS system easily adjusts to rollover, just waiting for Monday for my convenience $ES_F

#EMWS Heading out for awhile, keep profits. $ES_F

#EMWS OTF came in where they should on June multiple levels $ES_F understand rollover and win this game

#EMWS Late to leave the party often gets hurt when risk reward changes $ES_F Z pattern / megaphone

#EMWS Tunnel through time $ES_F simple but not easy

Thank You

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