Very interesting Deli. A few old timers I know (!) used to call it radio. Everything is new again except pony express.

#EMWS 2422 important support now for bounces $ES_F 37.5 resistance

#EMWS using 33.5 as aggressive resistance $ES_F hit and run , still consolidating

#EMWS will look into it, thank u. shorting in the hole tough today , PFS by 32/33.5 if long

#EMWS guessed right on 30 globex the chart in play $ES_F

Making sure you saw this #EMWS course $ES_F

Rofl. In CT now and kids have me doing chores like building firepits. Brrr 60 degrees here. Be well @TraderMD is also a great follow #FF

RT @e : #EMWS using 42.75 to 44.25 as next aggressive resistance… 27 still aggressive support until broken $ES_F / 3 tics isn’t a break

Awesome trips, enjoy

#EMWS trailers only past 2434.25 $ES_F odds will change here

#EMWS Some risk being taken off as markets may be consolidating ahead of Thursday news $ES_F

#EMWS Armstrong sheds some light on stocks and bonds rally

#EMWS Gap players who aren’t snoring better get paid $ES_F $ES_F

RT @krazytoo $ES_F Still hypo1 but could be seeing hypo 4 taking over. Hypos near end of vid, lead up is context #ES_F #EMWS

Do you really believe we will never have another correction again? After 25+ years or so I’ve seen everything but not that…

absolutely right. Unless it’s a crash, we get sharp rallies even in corrections. Only hindsight gives us the correct answer.

#EMWS PFS by 30 to 29 if short Hit and run still $ES_F

#EMWS cant count on Boyz running long stops… be conservative and trail only after 29 $ES_F

RT @AnthonyCrudele Listened to this again tonight & truly enjoyed Kevin’s perspective on Bonds & #ES_F Ive had traders say to me that this show was eye opening {NEW} #FuturesRadio Podcast with @kevinmuir

EP: 132 Bonds, Bubbles, and Risk Parity

Thank You

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