30 Globex pre market60 Globex


10 Globex

2 minute Globex

60 NQ


Follow the rhythm

10 Globex updated

Armstrong on yellen and Brexit


@onefourdroopy @pipsnticks @BrentRShelton @AnthonyCrudele @Ch2Christo @RectorRe @davidwazz @jbaca88 @JohnConaway thanks to all #EMWS


good morning. 30 Globex ow.ly/tD24300XkGh $ES_F

60 globex ow.ly/QHqN300XLT6 t1 today 2109.5 half gap 99.75 aggressive support 2005 to 2012 still next resistance target zone $ES_F

first of month bias intact, day traders missed 92/93.75 support from friday ow.ly/arXD300XRDq $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele second mouse sometimes gets the cheese. Targeting 10 to 12 longside $ES_F

today’s challenge for RTH is stolen range and risk reward. cant overthink squeeze trades $ES_F

10 Globex ow.ly/3FLM300XXs3 $ES_F

Friday’s high is 2106 and using 2005 as benchmark for squeeze trade above it $ES_F

super fast 2 min globex ow.ly/YQtu300Y00X stops up, PFS by R1 at 09 to T1 9.5 #EMWS $ES_F

NQ still inside Friday’s range, be conservative ow.ly/4YpE300Y1Wu #EMWS

assuming this is a lunch contra trade, second mouse gets cheese PFS into 4.5 and 3.25 fibos if short $ES_F

5 RTH ow.ly/zMLF300YeLs keeping the 10 to 12 as resistance targets $ES_F cant overtrade lunch

RT @e: … half gap 99.75 aggressive support … #EMWS

Follow the rhythm ow.ly/AAdA300YoV5 #EMWS 10 Globex updated ow.ly/cKCV300Yp7H $ES_F

dip buyers delight, PFS into T1 2109.5 and trail for the 12 $ES_F

wt1 is 2111.75 all stops up if long $ES_F

Step by step the #EMWS identifies logical day, swing, and position targets $ES_F 5 to 12 achieved, next

mulligan’s now on the 13th tee… $ES_F

Armstrong yellen about brexit ow.ly/HdYA300YHkw