Stairway to heaven $ES_F we are now less than 50 points away from the #EMWS “Perfect target” one step at a time R/R

#EMWS Yes, I mentioned that in the text the info will be captured by charts, text, videos $ES_F

#EMWS A video game or business opportunity ? Find 4 points a day on average $ES_F

#EMWS using 42.75 to 44.25 as next aggressive resistance on any new highs; 27 still aggressive support until broken $ES_F

#EMWS Thinking small so hit and run. Friday’s IB 33.25 high still key $ES_F inside day plays first

#EMWS 36.75 is half gap target, PFS if long $ES_F expecting some chop IB

#EMWS Day traders can take advantage of lower time frames for faster reactions $ES_F

#EMWS I thought it would be choppy, but this was just plain ridiculous $ES_F consolidating

Throw Rollover into the mix as well and it’s a recipe for slow summer simmer

Thank You

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