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“There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on.” – Jerry Lee Lewis

Predictive Chart guidelines

Video Review of Predictive Chart that helps us determine logical aggressive support and resistance.

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You guys and gals are awesome, thank you !


#EMWS Use stops or body bags in this market 2425 to 2428 first clues $ES_F

smart man, Lou. Git ‘er done early and play day $ES_F 28 retest nearby. #EMWS trailers / manage stops in yoyo market

DT4$ traders follow the shake and bake model we posted last night $ES_F

RT @Ancient_Warrior Because #economics have been reduced to #games by the @federalreserve? Bring your summer camp group to the Fed for our Summer Camp Challenge and learn about economics through games.

RT @AnthonyCrudele NEW #FuturesRadio Podcast Charting Currency Pairs With @KianaDanial 📈

RT @seeitmakrket The 3 Development Phases Of A Successful Trader –… great read by @Techs_Global $STUDY

#EMWS Conservative shorts paid by 2421.75 if scalped for gap $ES_F

RT @eminiplayer Last day of Month and Quarter. Good idea to be selective; especially after yesterday’s wide range day. Good luck, and have a great weekend!

RT @PivotBoss I added a video to a @YouTube playlist PivotBoss Pre Mkt Report 06 30 2017

RT @GIR_Markets $ES_F $SPY #Trading #Futures Overnight low $2,415 right at the monthly (RR) $2,415.

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / thank you Renato and back at all of you #FF

DT4$ room open and ready to rock and roll #EMWS

#EMWS advised DT4$ shorts cover trailers by the angel at 2418 $ES_F

#EMWS advised traders to lock profits and not over trade. Boyz are heading to the Hamptons and JV team on the field $ES_F

Don’t forget suntan lotion for @Capt_Tiko #FF that dog is good

Happy for you that you had a good couple of days Robin.

RT @PivotBoss Happy 4th! #FF @MrTopStep @FuturesTrader71 @nanexllc @RenaTrader @eminiwizard @tomandprisha @marketminute @SunriseTrader @Chicagostock

Thanks and back at you Boss! #FF enjoy

thanks and back at all of you.

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#FF @AnneMarieTrades @AnthonyCrudele @TraderSmarts @50Pips @PipCzar @spz_trader @MissTrade smart pros to follow

#EMWS hours ago in DT4$ chat: this is frog in boiling water trade $ES_F longs advised done with trailers by 29/30

#EMWS 9:32 PFS by 2428 if long agg shorts will try 28/32 10:56 doji makes sense DT4$ if long reminder time and price says 28/32 resistance

Awesome thank you Robin. Celebrated 49 year Anniversary yesterday with my wife and Life is Good. Working with some great traders is a blast

Find the right woman with similar values. never go to bed angry. decide our friendship is more important than $ or anything else. 🙂