#EMWS Boyd’s cycle: Observe, Orient, Decide , Act $ES_F no edge? no trade

A bit closer, I will try here this week thanks for the idea Matt

#EMWS watching NQ lead us down. T1 2426.5 assumed support until broken. if short, paid for sure by 27 to 29 targets $ES_F

#EMWS shorts advised to cover by 2420.5 on trailers, primary target 2422.75 T2

thank you We advised longs done by 27 ahead of previous 28 support. Conservative sidelined after db test, agg could hold for 18 to 17 test

#EMWS Best two days in a row shorts have had in a long time $ES_F

#EMWS Back at you Robert, and thank you. We had nice teamwork in DT4$ chat room today, great group of serious traders $ES_F

#EMWS When the stars align, the Umbrella trade is as good as it gets $ES_F

@RectorRe @pipsnticks @IHBDSB @dizz1e @Win_Nelson1 @MissTrade @garyw1 @harmongreg @chigrl @Quagmires @G9899 @jomama_trades @Cubby_Blu @pipsnticks @Noslo09 @RealBrianWatt thanks to all and any I missed

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