$ES_F Taylor day 3 was possibility but #EMWS didn’t expect Kings and Queens after ATH. major target 2452.75 rejected was counterpoint

RT @krazytoo $ES_F This morning talked about compression on ATR and OTF in globex, they are at it again tonight #ES_F #EMWS

#EMWS DT4$ traders the gap at 2431.5 has been closed overnight, 28 support has held as suggested. Check in for new ideas $ES_F

#EMWS if playing pre market long for seed capital, paid for sure by 2437.25

RT @AnthonyCrudele 43.94 is indicated on our strategy to test this morning; I know its pretty close already but thats what I have $CL_F #OOTT

Armstrong’s important thoughts on this idea Follow the Boy Scout’s motto: Be prepared #EMWS

#EMWS suggested to DT4$ Shorts traikl below 34 and paid into 31.5 open gap RTH $ES_F

ThanK You

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