Armstrong on Bitcoin it’s all abut China

Bulkowski’s site is also a great reference

Yes, markets always do. The question is when and where, and what’s the catalyst . Use step by step to see next targets for risk/reward ideas

thanks for sharing your ideas

let the smoke clear and trade the range #FF both Tony and Anthony

#EMWS Shorts need to break into yesterday’s range or squeeze continues PFS by Gap at 29.75 if short, hit and run 28 very aggressive support

RT @e: #EMWS Chart in play #kiss 32.75 to 37.5 next resistance targets $ES_F … 2437.5 is WT 2

#EMWS Step by Step $ES_F get on the scoreboard premarket, seed capital if we can

#EMWS Trailers only past the gap $ES_F will leave some chips on the table today probably as usual

#EMWS SOC was 2433.5 middle sellers re entry cover by gap and accept stops on trailers $ES_F

#EMWS With new high made overnight cannot be too aggressive short $ES_F hit and run

#EMWS Primary magnet is 27 that’s why PFS by very agg support 28 $ES_F

#EMWS keep it simple $ES_F

Thank you Tony, and Agreed. Give News time to play out then play the odds on regression trades or extensions

#EMWS I don’t know what the stat is but I remember long ago learning from @verniman about retesting these overnight highs once made #FF

#EMWS Git ‘er done is done, Weak Demon at 36.5 $ES_F Lock profits if any and be choosy rest of day if not playing golf

#EMWS Out of office, return find chart in play. Use Boyd’s cycle OODA oldie but goodie

Great stat Doug, thank you #FF

RT @krazytoo #ES_F posted wrong video link from premarket in last post there is the correct link #ES_F #EMWs

LOL Back at u Tony and I concur. Enjoy time with that great family of yours

#EMWS Day Trading for Dollars New course starts June 12 $ES_F for newbies and Pros alike

RT @hap317: Privileged to be on this list! Thanks Dave, have a great weekend!!!! / Agreed, thank you @DaveL452

Back at all of you , and risk reward now is terrible so relax

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / as always, thank you Renato and #FF back at all of you

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thank you. 4 weeks but will be on demand so part timers can view at their leisure

Every day so continuity, variety of types of days can be reviewed. Emphasis is on teaching Traders to be independent & self reliant

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#EMWS Its a wrap 5 min RTH $ES_F

Stairway to heaven $ES_F we are now less than 50 points away from the #EMWS “Perfect target” one step at a time R/R

Day Trading For Dollars

New Course Offering: Day Trading For Dollars