Ciao and Enjoy him one day at a time Deli.

#EMWS We encouraged shorts to be patient, Longs targeting 2444 and 2447.75 $ES_F Using as resistance for now 2435.25 as aggressive support

Too aggressive I think with that idea

please go to private stream for DT4$ as noted yesterday for detailed information #EMWS

#EMWS Next BIg target identified weeks ago is 2452.75 $ES_F step by step

Step by step, nice work. Actually can be identified before last year. Amazing how different systems can come to similar conclusions $ES_F

#EMWS Videos and charts have been updated and posted in DT4$ trading room $ES_F lock all profits if any and relax Demon at 2449.25

MIA today, but lots of details given in DT4$ today: law of alternation, 456 trades, measured moves, breakout targets, squeezes & more #EMWS

Breakout trade was identified by 7 a.m. and shared with DT4$ traders $ES_F Focused on teaching them right now

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