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#EMWS 5 globex and the bungee step by step 4 witches and Teflon market $ES_F

#EMWS DT4$ just follow the script in the notes. If short paid by 32 to 31.5 premarket $ES_F

#EMWS Note the divergence remains in NQ and ES. hit and run advised. Op X and accumulate as best we can.

#EMWS 2430.5 is today’s angel $ES_F pre market traders make sure paid

#EMWS Paid into 28/27 and trailers only for the lucky $ES_F

#EMWS 26.25 is T1 so Paid for sure if trailed T2 support target is 2422.75 456 done

RT @AnthonyCrudele #ES_F our daily strategy indicates a test of 2409 unless a daily close above 2438

#EMWS Shorts go play golf $ES_F DT4$ script plays out

#EMWS 2436.5 was the scene of the crime and a reasonable clue $ES_F …while the memory of it fades $ES_F (FOMC News)

The #EMWS Road map for serious students of the market $ES_F playing the odds on regression trades

#EMWS DT4$ reminder risk reward comes in near 2419.5 so play the odds

#EMWS Nq worth monitoring weakness yoyo divergence with ES

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / thank you and much appreciated #FF back at all of you Renato

#EMWS DT4$ for study focus on understanding risk and reward, how and why the market moves $ES_F

#EMWS Simple is as simple does – Forest Gump $ES_F rhythm traders Paid for sure by 27 /28 retests

$ES_F Primary Trade is done and back in a bit #EMWS lock profits if any

RT @TheFibDoctor: #FF @ATMcharts @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital / great group of Pro’s including you Doc #FF thanks

#EMWS Basic spaghetti charts $ES_F helpful for traders who want to be more precise with entries and exits

Friday afternoon quad witching we have advised #EMWS traders to protect profits if any. Honor stops trade small if you play $ES_F

We’re all cross-eyed sitting on butts too long. Happy Father’s day to all the great Dads out there ! Have a great weekend everyone

#EMWS DT4$ Late shorts / trailers cannot be stubborn that’s important support right now

#EMWS snap shot video review up the ladder, back down, back up $ES_F yo yo trade $ES_F

Back at you Robert, be well

RT @SE1_Trading: FF @HamzeiAnalytics @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard @shenno #futures #trading $$ / thank you Malte and #FF back at all of you

RT @abydnave: “We are Mercenaries.” – @eminiwizard Yes we are, as you have seen this week. Hope #EMWS is helping you and DT4$ traders