RT @TheFibDoctor 6/1/2017 Morning Fibs and Calendar $ES_F $NQ_F $YM_F…

thank you HFT, much appreciated

Here are some in my library I like the books recommended by Awais and HFT. Start with simple like Stikky charts

#EMWS No one size fits all. Check out Friends to follow and you will find someone helpful that makes sense for u

#EMWS Yesterday’s low support until broken BOM bias still for retesting ATH $ES_F 2 way day likely

#EMWS Will be out of the office rest of day $ES_F agg support 2408.25

#EMWS Chart in play #kiss 32.75 to 37.5 next resistance targets $ES_F agg support now 2416.5 BOM bias kicked in

MBO was stronger than #EMWS anticipated $ES_F one way day, not two. Step by step, one day does not make a market

Thank You

@Zwollenaertje @eminiplayer @HF_Trader @pipsnticks @RectorRe @clayidus @shemsht @Tradn500 @SmallStudioProd @Zateiyn @AnneMarieTrades thanks to all, much appreciated