Stayin’ Alive

The name of the game is survive. Before we run, we need to walk, and before that we crawl.
Knowing that running is the goal, we work backwords through a few steps that will help us build up to achieving our logical objectives.
Four points a day doesn’t sound like much, does it?
What if we had 50 or one hundred contracts on a trade, would that four points seem small or large?
The ability to scale up as we get better and a larger bankroll is what makes this the perfect business for those who survive.
Think BIG and think small; it’s the key to winning.
Size must be relative to our accounts, otherwise, as I have often heard my friend Fari quote the Admiral:

“Size Kills”


$ES_F one of 16 videos produced for DT4$ traders today #EMWS welcomes its newest system member from Singapore

DT4$ trailers below 2421 if short $ES_F stops down

DT4$ looking at this chart reminder 2415 next support $ES_F

umbrella trades move fast

#EMWS traders were advised pre market to try convenient trade long, 15 support. Try for 2421.5, + is good fortune $ES_F

#EMWS IB Double top $ES_F traders paid for sure by angel 2415.25 , trailers for more

Trailers for 12.75 test more is good fortune $ES_F

#EMWS advised shorts cover 2406.25 $ES_F may leave chips on table, but that was our target

#EMWS videos Target zone 8.75 to 2406.25 $ES_F market structure great teamwork in DT4$

lol never even shaved yet probably


End of Day Video for review

PFS Paid For Sure by 2406.25 time and price align

Thank You

@costezcorp @BamaTrader @ onefourdroopy @shemesht @Chicagostock @pipsnticks Thanks to all #EMWS

Pace: Are we on schedule, behind, or ahead for this year?