Focused on our DT4$ traders today who were around $ES_F 15 detailed videos VOD for those partying #EMWS Happy 4th

Red White and Blue Perspective by Roy H Williams He gets it right #EMWS Happy 4th to all

“God Bless Everyone” – Tiny Tim #EMWS Back at you Robert

#EMWS had 32 resistance at the open, targets 26.75, 23.75 to 21.25 gap fills, Paid by 2419.75 and use 2418 for support for a bounce $ES_F

JV team still on the field, thinking 2 way day and neutral bias range trading $ES_F if long PFS by 2428.25 #EMWS

RT @ AnthonyCrudele Check out this interview w/Leo Melamed & I-Leo spoke abt Electronic Trading coming to @CMEGroup & I spoke abt trading #ES_F when it launched “There was a shared terminal on the floor” Read how @AnthonyCrudele traded on #CMEGlobex in the early days:

To @BamaTrader nutty taxes in the nutmeg state, beyond hope like california and Illinois

#EMWS Armstrong on the Emperor who has no clothes

To @TheFibDoctor beautiful undercut low sucked in some turtles

Yes, you may assume we told any #EMWS longs to be paid by 2431/2432 prior to FOMC news $ES_F Fed UP

RT @PivotBoss Join me after today’s close for my July outlook #webinar. Talking #futures and #stocks:… #pivotboss #trading #markets

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