room enough for both sides to make $ in this market  #EMWS $ES_F

45.5 support pivot still intact  deeper charts $ES_F

10:30 E: i think we can test the 66/65 by days end #EMWS $ES_F

9:30 E agg shorts using 78/82 resistance for the 68/65 $ES_F 9:37 E i am looking to hit bounces for scalps short 9:32 E 63.25 is half gap

62.25 is mid the 2 day swing… presumed support for now. Thinking small and happy to test half gap #EMWS $ES_F

9:47 E we said 10/ 15 off high not unreasonable in +30 swing #EMWS $ES_F advised both sides think small in jump the creek day

Many different ways to see the market; use what ever works for you to “see” logical ideas mid swing hit in 62’s #EMWS $ES_F

08:49 Emini Wizard so that makes 75 the +/- marker #EMWS $ES_F aggressive resistance today for TEAM E

stops down into 62’s yest middle 58 next defense #EMWS backing and filling $ES_F jump the creek and oops

“paid for sure into 62, if buying 60 use 2 point stop” $ES_F

13:26 Zeek 66.75 … agg resistance 14:00 E thinking that 57/59 target #EMWS $ES_F

the last swing high yesterday EOD was 59.75… so we are conservative into 59/57. both longs and shorts caught today $ES_F longest yards

RT @MockTrade: Will b talking Sigma after the close & how I traded Sigma today for #ES_F & #CL_F #USO; join in!

@MockTrade many styles to learn from, and pros like you help a lot of traders 🙂

14:39 E favor longs next hr. we have sold off all day need a contra. $ES_F

@sewerpimp thats what we were thinking. yesterday high key resistance #EMWS $ES_F

@sewerpimp 66 aggressive resist first … protect profits if any $ES_F Boyz head to Hamptons and JV players on the field tomorrow

we get what we want , can’t be greedy  $ES_F #EMWS

@sewerpimp yes stolen range day… fix was in. we felt lucky the boyz let it fall below the half gap /62.25

bulls win bears win pigs get slaughtered $ES_F

15:50 Emini Wizard magnet is 68.75 taking all profits from longs 69 #EMWS $ES_F

15:55 Emini Wizard trying reversal small 69.5 if gets hit #EMWS $ES_F

15:59 E: protect profits and risk 1 to 2 points max #EMWS $ES_F

16:01 Emini Wizard scratched $ES_F / leave it be now

Great Holiday to all  $ES_F