@investasy currently no, will be running swing trade course next $ES_F day trade ideas will also be generated

RT @RenaTrader: This will be the last week I’ll accept new students for my trading methodology, sign up now at:

@eminiplayer no, but the question remains how high and when before we get a retracement. Last year’s undercut low never looked back 1831+

@eminiplayer exactly right Awais regarding opportunity every day. Thanks for your level, and make it a great year #FF smart trader

@costezcorp @eminiplayer Thanks for input Max $ES_F 2285.5 next Big resistance target for #EMWS ahead of 2300

Trading and investing begins with our mindset, not the market. “Money grows everywhere we plant the seed.” what’s your belief ?

@costezcorp agreed. on 12/30/16 #EMWS said 2225 support until broken, so factoring that in no matter how we play $ES_F

@HamzeiAnalytics @Capt_Tiko We had snapper some friends caught, baked on the grill last night, that’ll have to do 🙂

@Jediphone #EMWS Plant enough seeds. some grow, some don’t. harvest the ones that do. #kiss $ES_F thanks Jedi, night all


#EMWS Make it a great week, one day at a time $ES_F two way day likely, inside day comes first

@emininoob thanks for your insight. how much risk vs how much reward is the main idea for #EMWS $ES_F

#EMWS Paid for sure if short by 65/66 trailers only 15 min globex $ES_F get on the scoreboard

#EMWS 63.25 T1 today for scales on trailers , good fortune below $ES_F

Reposting #EMWS chart and Big Boyz playground 30 min globex $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele with another winner @FT71 great insights for all #FF nice work gentlemen

#EMWS using 2269.5 as half gap target $ES_F

#EMWS Educated guessing for charts in play $ES_F spread out day trades over time for better odds NQ seems firm

@ciscohitt @spoosfighter1 bulls already have good start to year, still will need a retest of 73 probably $ES_F

@ciscohitt @spoosfighter1 thanks Cisco, and its a big clue if we don’t retest it within a day or so $ES_F

#EMWS Meditate with Sting can’t overtrade today, have to play the range the market gives us $ES_F risk 2 make 2

@spoosfighter1 old school here, Skyliners on my short list #EMWS time for a swim

Thank You

@ciscohitt @spoosfighter1 @RectorRe @emininoob @MFaisalMahboob @StevenTaggart @shemesht @investasy @sbenzlng @iiStrip__YouTip @pipsnticks @tampasanj @AnneMarieTrades @AnthonyCrudele @WatermanLXXIII @e_penser @Intuitive_Power @RenaTrader thanks all much appreciated