#EMWS Using 58 tp 62 resistance for now $ES_F Best to all for the New Year

#EMWS think small, get on the scoreboard. Shorts PFS by 49.75 to 50.25 $ES_F hit and run

#EMWS Using 2246.25 magnet to 47.5 as first key support test $ES_F

#EMWS If bought trail only above 2258.25 into next resistance zone $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele and Stay Humble. Best to you Anthony for the New Year

#EMWS 60 Globex and the 15 $ES_F hit and run and spread out the risk

Bingo 46.25 and 43.5 half gap target for #EMWS

Two way day with opportunity for #EMWS Hit and Run players $ES_F

juice is taking out overnight low $ES_F tighten stops if short #EMWS

#EMWS Seemed like something the Boyz would do: shake both ends of the overnight range $ES_F

@TheFibDoctor smart trade Doc 🙂

#EMWS 2 way day plays out Took the afternoon off & celebrated the twins 6th birthday at Chuck E Cheese, need a nap

Thank You

@TheFibDoctor @pipsnticks @AnthonyCrudele @StevenTaggart @RectorRe @shemesht @rock_man11 @ES_F_Trader @onefourdroopy @spoosfighter1 Thanks to all, much appreciated