@emininoob train was just a tad behind schedule #EMWS next resistance target remains as 83.25 to 85.5

Trade Logic for projected targets are explained to #EMWS club 200 traders in private blogs, and available for review at their convenience

Armstrong on EU’s Date with Destiny Draghi

RT @eminiplayer: $ES_F 2284-2286 was the next Zone above the 2277 previous all-time high; tagged in Globex / well done Awais

30 Globex is an #EMWS Power chart If long Protect profits going into the open $ES_F

#EMWS Using 2288 to 2292.75 as today’s next resistance $ES_F

#EMWS Risk and reward is a player today for late longs $ES_F

@emininoob thank u

All stops up if long into #EMWS target zone may leave some chips on the table today, just part of the business #ES_F

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“Be a Lover of the Market, Not a fighter.” – Ernie Roseman #EMWS

@ES_F__NQ_F rock and roll mode today, posted to Club 200: “we have legitimate targets of 2290.25 to 2292.75”. Be well fox

#EMWS Bingo 2292.75 Time for locking profits, trailers only $ES_F back later

@ES_F__NQ_F Thank you, but staying humble lest I lose my edge. $ES_F fast chart still in play

@Jediphone Thank you 🙂 #EMWS

Your love keeps lifting me higher Jackie Wilson #EMWS “Smart to be paid by 94.5 this afternoon if long.” $ES_F

Posted this morning to #EMWS that 96.75 to 98.75 is valid, but I felt it was an egregious target, use it as resistance $ES_F avoid trouble

For #EMWS Study 60 Globex $ES_F The Picture of Power, learned it from Oliver Velez in a workshop

Thank You

@ES_F__NQ_F @reddragonleo @emininoob @tampasanj @jdextras @MrTopStep @WatermanLXXIII @eminiplayer @MargaritoHuerta @Jediphone @clayidus @GeneralLinji @l3elV02 thanks to all