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@NicoBelanger22 @emininoob @StevenTaggart @Intuitive_Power @jsfalvo @BrettDavid @shemesht @pipsnticks @David_Stendah @mmtrades5643 @candidbanter @OptionM8 thanks to all


@JayHill2012 yes Jay agreed. we needed a bounce at least as a contra. In hindsight pattern was flush longs, catch late shorts $ES_F thanks

#EMWS Save your powder for a market that is moving Risk two make one right now $ES_F

@mmtrades5643 thank you. As traders, we get addicted to action, but the goal is really to make points $ES_F

#EMWS 2259.25 support until broken, gap traders get paid $ES_F

@RyanDetrick my sanitized visual of your stats $ES_F nice post for perspective Ryan #EMWS

Posted pre market for #EMWS Club 200: “The gap is 2262; so first major battlefield is 2262 to 2266 this morning.” $ES_F

@David_Stendahl I have avoided the first choice but thankfully am embracing the second one. I can agree with you

@David_Stendahl Prayers for better health for your family . Sorry to hear that

#EMWS grab what u can if playing the inchworm trade $ES_F

#EMWS Time and Price get paid if long don’t give up 3 to make 2 more accumulate, trail

#EMWS Once the squeeze trade develops, I find it hard to guess against it. Paid for sure by 2272 if long $ES_F

“Look for late shorts today lots of traders trapped” this looks like test 2273/2275 Keep profits if any $ES_F Using 83.25 / 85.5 resistance

In a trend move, moving averages help us better see rotations (or lack of) don’t make someone else’s pain ours #EMWS

#EMWS Using 2272 as aggressive squeeze pivot $ES_F

@emininoob agreed “pay attention to support in uptrends”. 52 support held yesterday, 59.5 today $ES_F #EMWS 67.5 target was to run stops

@emininoob Hi level consolidation playing out #EMWS Still gotta trade it to make it, always easier said than done $ES_F accumulate/ trail

#EMWS Only traders with profits willing to risk should try a short this afternoon, and probably not worth it $ES_F later the better

#EMWS Club 200 Rabid Dog Day study $ES_F breakout was 2266

#EMWS symmetry trade is done at 2280.25 trailers up to u $ES_F time for a swim, DFD