#EMWS Club 200Begin the day by determining location $ES_F angels and demons

RT: @AnthonyCrudele #ECB No Change

Armstrong: on people vs politicians “Show me the money” #EMWS

#EMWS if played for the 66 gap pre market get paid $ES_D seed capital

#EMWS 2262 to 2263.75 is still an important pivot point / magnet / bull/bear zone $ES_F note overnight range

EMWS Looking for 70.5 to 72 tests $ES_F

#EMWS 30 Globex risk and reward  $ES_F

#EMWS don’t give up three to make one point $ES_F op ex tough theta burn

NQ seems to be leading the way… sidelines if don’t like the divergence

Same Demon in play 62/ 63.75 important defense zone for bulls $ES_F

#EMWS Stay flexible in thinking, catch a few points in range $ES_F nq retesting breakout now

#EMWS Boyz Nasty play today is stop running longs overnight low too $ES_F

#EMWS Anticipate: Think like the Boyz, think like a Bot if we want to trade better $ES_F

@Cubby_Blu agreed. Keeping an eye on NQ 5047 zone $ES_F still very tight range this week

#EMWS T2 today is 2254.75 and this tests the 2255.75 target mentioned several days ago $ES_F If short PFS

#EMWS Big Picture Look $ES_F More is good fortune shorts.. trailers for 52

#EMWS range expansion into next zone, shorts keep profits if any $ES_F 52 tough to beat right now I think

RT @GIR_MARKETS $ES_F $SPY Today’s trading report bias-2 bearish sent out on 1/19/17 6:45 AM (ET) Report levels on the chart.

#EMWS If Long paid for sure by 2261 retest zone $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII so far so good on your plan $ES_F Done for Day, protect profits if any #EMWS

#EMWS Understanding where and when profits are likely to be captured and where retests are is a huge edge $ES_F

Thank You

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