sharp bursts higher that fade by EOD may indicate some distribution $ES_F OTF traders note 2261.25 as PFS (Paid for sure) level

@JeffCooperLive Nice timing post. I have 2291.53 as the 78.6 level extension, but a few teenies difference in this time frame meaningless

#EMWS using 69.5 to 72 conservative long targets/ aggressive resistance zone $ES_F If long PFS by 2268

When overnight range is small, risk two make two trading is assumed IF you trade $ES_F respect our capital and have an edge or stay sideline

RT @e : T1 today and Primary Target is 2255.25 #EMWS Great BBS rhythm Assumed next support target 2051.5 $ES_F /

that 2255.75 test is important support for #EMWS traders $ES_F

Day traders need to understand where the Big Boyz are likely to enter and exit positions to give us confidence to hold trailers / add ons

#EMWS Re entries short PFS by 59.5 to 58.25 $ES_F good fortune below

#EMWS Using Aggressive resistance 65.25 to 67.75 for now $ES_F

#EMWS T2 today is 2254 so using 2252/2253 gap zone as support for now $ES_F

#EMWS Low is probably in for the day $ES_F day traders protect profits time

@Cubby_Blu thank u. they are also printing money on the back of late shorts $ES_F

#EMWS Paid for sure by 68 if long and have a great day all $ES_

30 Minute Globex $ES_F Traders who sign up for #EMWS swing trader course will understand

#EMWS re entry shorts with profits using 2272/2275 entry zone with 2277 stop. Too late for day traders $ES_F

#EMWS Tails under 60 showed the buying pressure $ES_F T2 today 2271.25 achieved 3rd test of 2273 nearby

Thank You

@MFaisalMahboob @RectorRe @TheFibDoctor @Cubby_Blu @StevenTaggart @BEFREEinFL @onefourdroopy @PabloR0bles @BrettDavid @jsfalvo @TeamDayTrader @LongTplexTrader @yoddleBIG @pipsnticks @rock_man11 @shemesht @11cjh11 @investasy @ChiTraderBlanc Thanks to all, much appreciated

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