#EMWS Any Holdovers PFS by 2261.25 $ES_F 2258 to 2256.75 next support

EMWS Latest video update $ES_F

@Cubby_Blu thank you, post a few charts/ video so I can compare with your work if you have time

#EMWS use yesterday’s 63.5 low as a benchmark today. 58.25 support intact, using 72/73 resistance for now $ES_F

@Cubby_Blu thank you for sharing, will look them over
@Cubby_Blu looks like you use Barry Taylor’s work. He has well thought out ideas

#EMWS paid by 2261.25 if short, good fortune below $ES_F
#EMWS 30 min $ES_F shorts need to contain aggressive zone today for better retracement odds

@Cubby_Blu thanks for your insights. Now the tricky one… Teeing off at 12 today, swing from the heels or keep it in play? Easy does it

$ES_F Premarket analysis and trade plan set up… #ES_F #EMWS

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS Any Holdovers PFS by 2261.25 $ES_F 2258 to 2256.75 next support / primary theme today

@Cubby_Blu course management and swinging within yourself is to golf what step by step and accepting stop outs is to trading #EMWS

@AnthonyCrudele nice to be connected Deli …
#EMWS 15 minute RTH shows recent swing perspective $ES_F

#EMWS if long paid by 67.5 to 69.25 $ES_F more is good fortune
Heading to the first tee, have a great day all Next #EMWS offering begins Jan 16 63.5 marker agg support now

Many traders are more concerned with exact support or resistance and miss the idea of risk and reward #EMWS $ES_F

second retest of last year’s hi 2273 has held for now $ES_F

Risk and reward: at 72 today we had 5 points of risk; at 73 four points at 74 three points of risk $ES_F 2261.25 payday trailers if short

Thank You

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