It is Destined

@SJosephBurns great post. What’s your 1% that really matters if I may be so bold to ask?

@SJosephBurns well said , thank you

@ThePitBoss16 @astruzynski @HeidsterTrades @TradersCom looks like the Mandelbrot set to me. Gotta love fractals

@Convertbond halloweiner?

@HamzeiAnalytics let’s see if BO admonishes them to “stop whining and go out and get some votes” #karma

@ThePitBoss16 mid 90’s when I first saw The Colors of Infinity I was good in math but no quant, it fascinated me

RT @TheFibDoctor: and the thot plickens.. The Horse Trojan I guess Doc

Posted 8/23 @DowdEdward keeping in perspective almost 400 points higher #EMWS 2192 to 2209.75 may prove to be next key resistance zone $ES_F

8/16 RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS will monitor this Big 2187.5 Pivot level being undermined in the future as a signal for retracement action $ES_F

Have a great day everyone

@ManOverMarket wide open great play. More to life than just trading, kudos

@FuturesTrader71 On a positive note, I hear the fans love the beer and wieners

It is destined Martin Armstrong

#EMWS Playing inside day first 32 aggressive resistance ahead of 36.75 $ES_F 12 support ahead of 2107.75

#EMWS thinking 2 way day and get on scoreboard $ES_F gappers and 456 traders PFS by 22 aggressive zone

RT @TheFibDoctor: Today last day to sign up for our Nov Open House. We trade $ES_F $TF_F $NQ_F $YM $GC_F $CL_F $ZB_F…

RT @locatellicharts: @casper409 Happy Birthday Paolo 🙂 Buon Compleanno

Playing the odds make a choice #EMWS Primary magnet 2120.75 get on the scoreboard $ES_F

Back later, maybe DFD #EMWS Dont trade if you are too distracted by Hillary’s striped Halloween costume $ES_F

#EMWS High odds battlefield today $ES_F

Thank You


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