The first full day of spring.

Happy Birthday Allison Robin.
10 min Globex

Darvas Boxes , climbing the ladder

15 Globex creeping up , the next assumed support chart

Angels and Demons the battlefield

Squeeze Pivots

3 min RTH Crawler

Ten Globex


Video: The First Full Day of Spring

@wfjp @shemesht @MrTopStep @clayidus @pipsnticks @drzhous @davidwazz thanks to all much appreciated $ES_F

@TraderSmarts @canuk1 @MissTrade @onefourdroopy @jdextras @BidnAsk thanks to all much appreciated


Destiny fulfilled #EMWS $ES_F #kiss

RT @RenaTrader: $ES_F [New blog post]: Challenge #7 update: Second target achieved at US$ 15,000 #DiamondSetups $$

10 min globex Destiny fulfilled Boxes $ES_F #EMWS

@MrTopStep nice post. Friday’s 42.75 a key near today’s 42 demon $ES_F risk /reward

34.75 is friday’s middle and a PFS if short. 33.5 angel $ES_F find a trade or two and go play

Friday’s IB 40.75 to 34.25. Today’s IB is 41.5 to 33.5. Both had 37.5 middle. How good is your data analysis? $ES_F

15 globex now coming into play behind the ten Angels and Demons #EMWS $ES_F hit and run

@TraderSmarts it’s a beautiful thing, nice and simple Tony

The inchworm #EMWS The Bull climbs the stairs and the Bear jumps out the window $ES_F

@MissTrade Thanks Matt. We need to run stops and everyone to buy all in first IMHO. Next upside targets were identified Friday $ES_F

22 new rules and trade Ideas were added to the original Emini wizard system. These updates are available to #EMWS Members in good standing

RT @eminiwizard: 29.75 is angel and assumed support for profit taking $ES_F // from friday and intact for now. #kiss

3 min RTH Crawler 2 way day $ES_F Timing trade PFS if long #EMWS Resistance 48.5 for EOD

@canuk1 Thanks Tom, it was long overdue. 10 min globex update $ES_F

@MissTrade I agree shorts will eventually be right with a stopped clock trade. On their heels for now $ES_F #EMWS