snoozer today enjoy life $ES_F

08:20 E 2/12 $ES_F 10:12 E demon should also get tested today 2 way day so bias should be neutral

@canuk1 not sure. We advised traders to risk 2/make 2 and think small IF they played in thin, erratic holiday trading. play golf day

step by step $ES_F

Kaiser soze and theta burn making monkeys out of directional callers today 98.5 angel 12 demon. range trading advised $ES_F best trades done

11:09 E 14 as resistance target $ES_F 11:11 E during lunch may be best contra time now 11:27 E theta burn i was thinking two way day

11:27 E this is 2 way the strange way #EMWS front nine won by shorts back nine won by longs see where nassau plays out $ES_F

13:34 E 98.5 angel globex 14:27 E trapped longs again 15:13 E trailers for 95 $ES_F 15:21 E 95 test coming up

08:08 E then think the 95/92 as support if got there $ES_F the long way home trade. risk and reward plays its part in psychology

@MissTrade Hi Matt. Options ex and headfakes all over. great read, kudos. Keep ’em in play $ES_F

15:36 E wrecking ball trade 15:38 E target 95 to 92 $ES_F 15:48 E 30 globex #EMWS

@Hayls789 @LongTplexTrader @canuk1 @MissTrade thanks to all, much appreciated #EMWS