premarket bounce on market re open

10 minute globex bear flag lunch time

10 min Globex EOD
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@eminiwizard well said & insane precision on algos execution…just crazy..they r not finished Michael Corrado @FA18EHornet 09:37 PM – 23 Jun 16

Last night News Trading

5 min globex #EMWS a picasso $ES_F lock profits if any no matter how you played it

@MarkKhan7 yes and we use it on all intraday charts #EMWS

#EMWS Target 2110 achieved, resistance I had at 2020 to 2031 2085 is the pivot $ES_F support found at 2050

@BidnAsk Those other traders are old and asleep already 🙂 bulls need to try and hold 2080, lis 2085

paid for sure by 68 to 72 if short #EMWS

2065.25 is the Angel #EMWS

2057/ 2058.25 important support now $ES_F

we will get bounce tight stops now if short. 2040 the final key as support, and of course 2037.75 $ES_F

Boyz had fun squeezing the shorts into the news, 58.75 gap closed finally $ES_F ridiculous games

@FA18EHornet they may want to test that 2040.75 low Michael $ES_F

I figured at least a 50 point swing when news came out #EMWS no one knows in this type move $ES_F Bingo 2040/2038 big pivot key is 2031.25

2027.25 gap is closed , 2020 suppport

@Luis_MC10 2020 to 2025, then 2012

2049/2052 key on the bounce $ES_F

@BidnAsk market does not like uncertainty $ES_F

@di6262 try this Diane

@di6262 u bet. Teamwork !

@SunniSloanes @ciscohitt @investasy @BrentRShelton @DowdEdward @gubbmintcheese @pipsnticks @onefourdroopy @MarkKhan7 thanks all #EMWS

and thanks to all who posted, retweeted etc tonight much appreciated

2022.25 is a fibo target, so is 2016.5 ahead of that 2012 $ES_F snap will be vicious when it comes 30+ point swings

Yeehaas at 2016.5 to 2012 $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 not crazy, just searching for support should be near 2000.75

RT @50Pips: do yourself a favor and don’t trade today if you are not extremely focused understand sizing liquidity spreads and overall risk

@50Pips @YoungWallSt guys like you know we can take $ out of the market almost any day. Never let an outlier day take us out of the game


Good night GT Britain and all lights out here 2002.75 is the 78.6

@FA18EHornet thanks Michael, much appreciated.

gooooood morning 2037.75 is TYO so let’s use that for guide #EMWS 2044.25 zone will be a key above previous 2040.75 low $ES_F

stay aware at 2031.25 pivot, need traction below it if short $ES_F wont be like shooting fish in a barrel today

Reminder any new add ons most stand on their own $ES_F drop losers fast and do not average losers #EMWS capture something by 2022 if short

@eminiplayer nice trade Awais 🙂 $ES_F

paid for sure by 2014.25 #EMWS

@DowdEdward thanks Ed I saw it as a retest of a double break at 2018 zone and a system level $ES_F testing 2031.25 pivot

there is a lot of fast auctioned territory from last night’s wrecking ball trade and its all fair game in slingshot moves the next few days

current magnet is 23.75 but that will change often today $ES_F above it bouncing, below it testing support #EMWS

@DowdEdward here’s what I meant $ES_F

my friend zeek named the wrecking ball trade. runs all the short stops to 2019 then plunges. last night’s key pivot posted? 2085 the RTH low

RT @TheFibDoctor: $ES_F $TF_F $NQ_F $YM_F Whether it’s 18,000 or 1800, it’s just a number. Trade the chart tune out noise #worldisnotending

#Brexit is an opportunity for day traders who know what they are doing. Evaluate from the sidelines when confused or stopped out $ES_F

RT : gooooood morning 2037.75 is TYO so let’s use that for guide #EMWS 2044.25 zone will be a key above previous 2040.75 low $ES_F

market may be keying off 2029/2031 right now $ES_F longs need to pay up, hit a bounce or two. above 2044 anything goes

If you had a good overnight session, make sure to lock some profits before the open #EMWS

half gap target is 2068 $ES_F

using 68/72 as primary resistance $ES_F

RT e : there is a lot of fast auctioned territory from last night’s wrecking ball trade and its all fair game in slingshot moves

get to 51.25 stops down if short $ES_F

47 to 45 now important retests $ES_F

2 way day. when wrong take your stop out $ES_F wont get them all. Honor stop loss rule #EMWS dont play if not used to this volatility

@biofan1 my charts for emini sp must be wrong I guess

2041.25 RTH Angel if buying 44/42 tight stop #EMWS

Bear flag has given nice opportunities both ways today $ES_F below 2040.75 is good fortune #EMWS this is for Emini sp u 2016

10 minute Globex Umbrella pattern $ES_F chart in play since last night #EMWS

perfect $ES_F stops down at the 2037.75 test

IB belonged to the Bulls, its been back and fill ever since with lower highs and lower lows $ES_F 2031.25 / 2029 deja vu important

RT @AnthonyCrudele: XLF is the worst sector in the #ES_F today; remain worst performer, I dont see ES recovering today; I see a grind lower

RT @TheFibDoctor #FF @RyanDetrick @andrewnyquist @OptiontradinIQ @KimbleCharting @snyder_karl @ATMcharts @hertcapital @MarkArbeter thnk u

the double top at 45 seems to be the line in the sand right now $ES_F stops 48.25

stops down at 2031.25 pivot $ES_F IB low test possible

Now is protect profits ( if any) time $ES_F risk less than 10% of profits and find a nice set up or pass #EMWS position squaring

@scor_zone trailers / re entries may get it $ES_F dont give back 6 to make 2

@canuk1 thank you Tom and lol, me too! $ES_F

24.25 to 22.25 target, then stops down again $ES_F Ib low vio

last night targets being revisited step by step. 22.25 2016.5 and 2012 need to get by first one before the others

2038.5 as resistance for now $ES_F

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / thanks and back at you Renato #FF

If long PFS by 2038.5 and think about wrapping up business now if day trader $ES_F

If u took the last short from 38.5 zone PFS by 29/31.25 and call it a day $ES_F trail only

#FF @TheFibDoctor great pro

2022.25 standing in the way for the close $ES_F

cover all by 2016.5

Hope you all had a great day traders! Deep breath, unwind, and enjoy the weekend $ES_F thanks to all for sharing ideas

@OROFX1 nothing to be sorry about. PFS = Paid for sure, risk reward may change. So stops down / scale out, capture

Kudos @AnthonyCrudele and @HamzeiAnalytics great target at 2011, just ran out of time #FF