#EMWS up and at ’em soldier $ES_F

#EMWS expected range trading, bear flag , DCB to build as contra to yesterday’s thrust MATD assumed done $ES_F

3:09 PM 1 hr to go paid on any shorts by 62 3:43] this is late day squeeze shorts 3:46] this is a program trade PFS by 72 $ES_F

Lol Neuman. Take chunks here and there and be happy, don’t worry. As long as it’s moving there is a game to be played. Be a mercenary #EMWS

Thank You

@onefourdroopy @shemesht @@TheEnergyTrader @LongTplexTrader @RectorRe @Tradn500 @moremtfour @ES_F_NQ_F @Ancient_Warrior thanks to all and any I missed