#EMWS the Professional Edge $ES_F

#EMWS 9:21 expect punches in the face for shorts 9:22 yesterday’s low was 36.25 so i was thinking that 36/ 38 zone important resistance

9:34 boyz would like to jam shorts first 9:42 half gap is 35.88 / $ES_F longs advised cover most at 35.75, trail only above

#EMWS using 42 to 44 as next resistance, think day low is in

first 5 min rth candle said careful shorts. advised any longs with trailers paid by 2441. inevitable to get stopped out/leave chips on table

#EMWS market is auctioning the fast down move, thought it would be two way day $ES_F slingshot move

10:08 AM ok higher highs and higher lows so shorts will need to be conservative will now use… 42 $ES_F honor stop loss rule as always

#EMWS 10:50 i have found over the years that i tend to underestimate how egregious the bounce will be once it starts $ES_F

#EMWS step by step 11:11 if want to short, use 45.75 stop $ES_F just allowing for gap fill and a conservative idea

9:20 i was thinking yesterday market would exercise some muscle for end of month markup. That has not proven to be true. $ES_F / now it has

#EMWS longs have been advised to lock chips. High may not yet be in, but time for a swim $ES_F 38 aggressive squeeze pivot for now

Never sure why, I just thought squeeze was on and month end mark up killed undisciplined traders

Thank You

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