#EMWS relax and catch pieces of the move $ES_F this is a business, not a psychic reading event

#EMWS 9:35 so symmetry swing done at 49.25 $ES_F trail below half gap and PFS by 43.5 to 42.5 gap if short

Primary trade is where its at for day traders. If generals back the train up and get half gap/ gap trade riight no need to worry about close

TraderSmarts Best line of the day: “This is a business, not a psychic reading event.” – @eminiwizard

I am honored by your comment Tony, thank you

#EMWS if smokin short 16 low support until broken, paid by 25 for sure with a gift $ES_F

#EMWS T2 today was 2423.5, keep things in perspective $ES_F 2422 suuport needs to go for more south side

#EMWS 33.5 to 37 resistance, 20.75 to 22 next support $ES_F

Thank You my friend

Thank You

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