#EMWS Reminder Op ex can do anything $ES_F lock something is smart if had a great day yesterday with puts

#EMWS current structure $ES_F 2422 aggressive support , then 2415.75 drop losers fast and look for re-entry

@AnthonyCrudele well done as usual 2421.75 hit #EMWS $ES_F

#EMWS 10:18 Boyz are defending 18.75 $ES_F any longs Paid by gap and 30.25 retest and gravy above 33.25

#EMWS 12:34 use 38 to 42 as resistance $ES_F paid for sure if long by 42

#EMWS Plan A today 9:27 weakness early, then bounce $ES_F

#EMWS Any re entry shorts PFS by 30.25 to 29.5 $ES_F keep profits if any risk small if playing this afternoon

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Back at you Deli

Thank You

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